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Visual color assessment of textiles in full size – Garment Viewing Booth

In contrast to other viewing booths, the Garment Viewing Booth has several light sources not only on the ceiling, but also on both side walls. Standard-compliant illumination of the entire booth is ensured in this way, allowing visual assessment of the test object without interfering shadows.

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GL Optic - precise Light Measuring Technology - created by Just Normlicht
Under the brand of GL Optic - JUST is developing and distributing a product family of precise spectral Light Measuring Devices. Due to the unique OSR Technology the GLoptic PROFI-spectrometer is achieving a much higher precision and accuracy as other devices in this product class. Das GL Optic MINI-spectrometer is a precise but affordable spectroradiometer in a handy size. GL-spectrosoft Software for complete spectral assessment according to all lighting standards can be used intuitively. GL-spectrosoft is also offering complete ISO3664:2009 assessment. For more Information visit  http://www.gloptic.com/

JUST LED Technology (pat. US 8,592,748,B2)

patented Just Normlicht LED technology fulfils the first time high requirements for image appraisal in the Graphic Arts industry and all industries were color is crucial.  More...

D65 Color and Appearance Products
Industrial Viewing Booths for the Inspection of Paints, Plastics, Textiles, Ceramics, Inks, Colorants, etc.
The Viewing Booths or Prooflights are using one or multiple lightsources of D65, D50, D75, A, CWF/TL84 fluorescent